Daniel Craig Confirms He Will Play James Bond in the Next Film

After it was announced that the next James Bond movie would, in fact, release in November 2019, the obvious question was, “Who will be James Bond?”.  Conventional wisdom would’ve been Daniel Craig, one of the best Bonds of our generation.  However, it appeared he was dead-set on putting his Bond to rest when he said that he’d, “rather break this glass and slash my wrists”  than return as James Bond.

It appears that was all hyperbole as Daniel Craig visited Stephen Colbert to clear the air.  Saying that he had said that in an interview just two days removed from shooting Spectre, and he was exhausted.

With that out of the way, is Daniel Craig actually returning?  That’s a question he intended on answering plainly in this interview.

Spoiler alert: He is.

In fact, he even went so far as to say that this may be the last time he plays the James Bond character, which makes complete sense.  He only had one more movie left on his contract, anyway.  “I think this is it. I just want to go out on a high note,” he added. “I can’t wait”

James Bond 25 is currently searching for a director, now that they have their Bond back.  Yann Demange is the currently on the short list to handle those responsibilities.  However, the more pressing priority is to get a distributor locked up.  Eon Productions and Sony‘s partnership ended after Spectre and now the rights are up for grabs.  Warner Bros. seems to be the early favorite, at the moment.

James Bond returns November 8, 2019, starring Daniel Craig!