Daniel Radcliff Gives Us a New Twist on a Twisted Character

bela                        Bela Lugosi as Ygor


The character of Igor has become part of horror movie lore, thanks to horror film legend Bela Lugosi who played him in the Son of Frankenstein and the Ghost of Frankenstein (See picture above) as well as Marty Feldman who played the hilarious parody character Eye-Gore from Young Frankenstein. The first image that comes to mind of Igor is of a crazed, misshapen guy, dressed in peasant clothes. However, we’ll be getting a new interpretation of the character in director Paul McGuigan’s currently-filming Frankenstein.


Daniel Radcliff continues to distance himself from Harry Potter-type roles, and is taking on the part of Igor. However, he will be playing a more attractive and well-dressed version of the character. Screenwriter Max Landis has said that this film will be told from the perspective of the character of Igor.


The movie is a sci-fi reinvention on the original Mary Shelley story, which focuses on themes of friendship and redemption. The movie will touch upon all the misconceptions surrounding the mythology of the story and of the Igor character. The movie will explore Igor ‘s past, and his relationship with doctor Victor Frankenstein. (Who will be played by James McAvoy, best known for his portrayal of Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class.)


Radcliff had this to say about the film: “Max Landis (the screenwriter) has taken the mythologies that we all think we know — we have this idea of a monster and a crazy scientist and kind of a hunchbacked assistant — but we don’t really know where all these parts came from. I think what Max has done with this is, first of all, he’s given Igor a backstory which you never really see before. And so, that’s I think one of the biggest differences is that you’ll finally see him granted a life and a backstory and it’s about these two young guys at the forefront of science.”


FYI, for those unfamiliar with the original novel…Igor was not a character in Mary Shelly’s original book. Nor did he appear in the first Frankenstein film, which featured Boris Karloff as the Frankenstein Monster. The original hunchbacked sidekick was named Fritz. Igor did not appear until the third film in the series, the Son of Frankenstein, and he had a crooked, malformed neck (due to being hung) not a hunchback. However, Igor’s name has become so associated with the Frankenstein mythos, that it’s no surprise to see him in the reboot.


Frankenstein will be out in theaters in January 2015.