Dark Universe’s Future Seems Dark

Shared universe’s are all the craze in Hollywood today. From the MCU, to the DC Films Universe, to the Transformers. Universal was set to start their own. The first plan was with Dracula Untold starring Luke Evans. While not initially in the cards, they went back and added on a few scenes, once the Dark Universe was brought up. While it did not work very well, Universal scraped that, and made the Tom Cruise vehicle The Mummy the opening film in the universe.

Soon it was announced that along with Tom Cruise, Russel Crow, Johnny Depp, and Javier Bardem were now on board for the Dark Universe being written by Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan. Bill Condon joined the fold to work on the Bride of Frankenstein project. Offices were built; statues of the famous Hollywood Monsters were brought in to decorate.

dark universe cast 600x401

However now we are in a different world. The Mummy hit theaters with a less than stellar performance. Only $80 Million domestically, and harsh reviews from critics, lead to The Mummy being considered a failure. Bill Condon recently stated they were pushing back production on the Bride Of Frankenstein to re-work the script. The signs were starting to show that the Dark Universe was in trouble

Now it looks like trouble is an understatement. THR is reporting that the brand new Dark Universe offices sit mostly empty. Kurtzman and Morgan have now departed the projects, leaving the universe of films without leaders. So what is to come of this Dark Universe? That is anyone’s guess. But more than likely, like Johnny Depp’s alleged monster, the future is invisible.

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