Dave Bautista is The Beast Rabban in Dune

TImothy Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson have already been revealed as part of the cast, playing the crucial roles of Paul Atreides and the Lady Jessica, but today brings word about one of the villains: the Beast Rabban. The heartless and exceedingly cruel nephew of Baron Harkonen is the primary overseer of spice harvesting on the planet Arrakis.

Variety broke the news just a little bit ago that Dave Bautista (who previously worked with Villeneuve on Blade Runner 2049) has been cast to portray the role. I, for one, am so ridiculously excited about this. Not only am I jumping for joy that this new Dune film seems to actually be happening, but Bautista seems like a great addition to the cast and perfect for the Rabban role. 

There’s still a lot of roles to be cast, but as production inches ever closer we should begin to hear more before too long. Who do you hope to see filling out the rest of the cast?