Dave Bautista is The Kurgan in The Highlander Remake

The scoopers over on Latino Review are at it again, this time with the knowledge of what Dave Bautista is going to be up to once he’s done with his henchman role on Spectre:

Bautista is going to play the bad ass barbarian role of THE KURGAN in Summit’s Highlander reboot for visual effects artist turned first time director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan.

Frankly, I’m loving this choice.  The original Highlander remains one of my favorite films and something that’s stuck with me since I was younger.  The Kurgan remains one of the best villains around and is an iconic role in my mind.  They’re not easy shoes to fill either, but Bautista can certainly do it.  At the very least he adds a level of menace and threat to the character based on his size and abilities.  Not to mention his involvement in the film practically guarantees the filmmakers are going to try and make these fights as awesome as possible. 

The primary role of the Highlander, Connor MacLeod, still remains wide open.  Last we heard, Summit Entertainment was hoping to snag Tom Cruise in the mentor role of Ramirez, but hopefully, with filming set to happen at some point this year, things start falling into place.  I’d love to see Ewan McGregor take on the lead role, but I have a feeling they want someone younger to start this off, with franchise potential in mind.  

Who do you think should be the next MacLeod?  What do you think about Bautista taking on the Kurgan?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!