David Goyer Set to Write Green Lantern Corps Movie

Critical response from the DCEU has not been overwhelmingly positive. But that hasn’t stopped DC from pursuing the guardians of the universe. With Justice League and Wonder Woman headed to the big screen this year, WB/DC is hard at work on their production of the Green Lantern Corps film.

David Goyer

In an exclusive at Deadline, it is being reported that David Goyer, along with Justin Rhodes, will be penning the script. Goyer has put together some impressive superhero scripts including the Blade trilogy, helping Christopher Nolan on his Batman trilogy, as well as Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman.

The story looks to be reminiscent of Lethal Weapon, but in space. Which I think we can all get on board with. It will focus on the relationship between 2 of the most popular in the Green Lantern mythos, John Stewart and Hal Jordan. Jordan was the focus of 2011 disaster of a film Green Lantern staring Ryan Reynolds as the hero in a CGI’d costume. 

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Goyer will also be producing with DC heads Geoff Johns and Jon Berg exec producing. As of now, The Green Lantern Corps has a tentative release date of June 18th, 2020.