David Yates Returns to Harry Potter Franchise with Fantastic Beasts Spin-Off

I can’t begin to tell you how genuinely excited I am about this decision.  While I enjoyed just about all of the Harry Potter films, I never felt truly invested in them until David Yates took the helm of the last four films.  The story had understandably taken a darker/more serious turn and his filmmaking style showed that perfectly.  There’s a lot of great action in those films, combined with more intimate moments that allowed the characters to shine through. 

Now that Warner Bros. is looking to revive the franchise with a series of spin-offs, it makes sense that they’d looke to Yates to usher in the new films as well.  Technically he’s not been fully hired on, but he’s in talks to direct the film and a formal contract hasn’t been signed yet.  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is the first film (set to debut in November 18, 2016) and is supposed to be set 70 years before Harry Potter existed.  It’ll center around the book’s fictional author, Newton Artemis Fido Scamander, and the adventures he had in making his book.  WB and Rowling herself have been quick to stress that any cameos would be highly unlikely and aside from the setting and magic, there won’t be much connecting tissue between the films.  

While some fans might not be entirely happy about that, David Yates as a director may help smooth the transition.  At the very least his directing style will connect everything together and give audiences something familiar while exploring new territory.  Yates is currently shooting a new Tarzan movie for Warner Bros., so he has a good relationship with the company and Rowling herself.  I don’t see any reason why he’d turn down the new film, unless he was worried about time constraints.  

What do you guys think of this development?  Are you excited to see David Yates coming back to direct more movies set in this universe?