DC FanDome Will Return This October

After being introduced last year, DC FanDome is returning in 2021 with an all new event offering new looks at upcoming films, comics, and games!

One of the interesting things about dealing with the pandemic, is how companies crafted new ways to reach out to fans via digital events. One of the ones I think did it best, was DC FanDome. On top of a bunch of news and trailers, it was just a well handled event in terms of pacing and timing. As such, I’m excited to see it’s coming back later this year.

Warner Bros/DC have announced the show will return on October 16, 2021.

Obviously, it’s still a bit early to know what they’ll be showing, but considering Black Adam will likely be wrapped by then, The Batman will be just a few months away, it seems safe to say we’ll get some more movie goodness on top of the gaming stuff as well.

As we did last year, we’ll be covering everything from the event when it happens. What do you hope to see from DC FanDome’s return?