DC Round-Up: Batman Solo Film Not Part of DCEU and An Origin Movie For The Joker is In The Works

Batman and The Joker, two different sides of the same coin, it’s only fitting that after one has news the other would follow with similarly strange news.  Per usual, it would be the Joker who would fire the first shot with news of a Joker Origin story in the works, yesterday.  While that would already be sacrilege in the eyes of most comic fans, it takes an even stranger turn.

According to an exclusive report by Deadline, the team of Martin Scorcese, Todd Phillips, and Scott Silver has been hired by Warner Bros. and DC to create, yet, another spin-off for a major Batman character, The Joker.  However, this won’t be your average DC Comics origin story.  

As of now, Phillips and Silver are writing an origin story as if it were a gritty crime film, set in early 80’s Gotham.  It isn’t meant to feel like your average DC film.  Instead, with Scorsese playing the part as Producer, the intention is to take inspiration from Scorcese’s films and give it a Taxi Driver or Raging Bull kind of feel to it.  

In terms of who would play the Joker, it’s highly unlikely it would be Jared Leto.  Instead, the team is looking to create a brand-new version of the Clown Prince of Crime.  Leto will still be playing the Joker in Suicide Squad 2 and the Harley Quinn spinoff.  

Phillips is set to direct, Silver to write, and Scorsese to produce this different adaptation.

Batman would answer back with a reveal of his own, this time from the director of the Batman Solo Project, Matt Reeves.  Speaking with LA’s KCRW, Reeves announced that his film wouldn’t be part of the DCEU…

“Well, I have a vision for a way to do something with that character that feels like it resonates with me personally, and a perspective that can grow out into other things. When they [Warner Bros.] approached me, what they said was ‘look, it’s a standalone, it’s not part of the extended universe.’”

While both announcements made by individual Joker and Batman teams were shocking, to say the least, the one that seems most confusing is Reeves’ comment that the BATMAN solo film wouldn’t be part of the Extended Universe.  In what world does it make sense to create a Batman film, with the same actor playing Batman (Ben Affleck) in the DCEU, and not have it be part of the Extended Universe?

I’ve been labeled a DC apologist before, but even this has me throwing my hands up in defeat.  Perhaps, they’re really embracing the multiverse or it could be that this is all leading up to Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Regardless, WB just needs to focus on the universe they’re still building instead of jumping to another universes.