DC’s Dark Universe Getting Fast-Tracked Thanks to Producer Scott Rudin

A few months ago, writer/director, Guillermo Del Toro walked away from this project in favor of the now indefinitely delayed Pacific Rim 2.  As soon as that happened, most of the movie world thought that DC’s Dark Universe, aka Justice League Dark, would be just another great idea that failed to come to fruition.  However, all is not lost.

Enter producer-extraordinaire Scott Rudin who’s resume consists of The Truman Show, No Country For Old Men, The Social Network, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Captain Phillips, Ex Machina, and the recently finished Zoolander 2, among many others.  With a resume like his, it’s a small wonder why Warner Bros. has tabbed Rudin to work on this movie.  In fact, he’s hit the ground running fast.  Rudin has already started updating the script that Del Toro had been working on and visiting with directors in hopes to begin filming in 2016.

That’s right, 2016.  A movie that was captainless now has one that has set the lofty goal of getting it all filmed and put together by next year.  Normally, I’d say this can’t be done.  Not no way, not no how.  However, I actually believe it’ll get done.  Rudin has the reputation and the respect in the Hollywood community to get it done.  Furthermore, this movie has been in the works for years.  If they have a solid storyboard and script put together, Rudin could essentially just come in and tweak a few things, find a director, cast, and get on location.  DC must be freaking out since this is a much faster pace than what they’re used to.  (Sorry DC, just had to throw that in there.  Give us a movie!)

While the initial concept of Justice League Dark is well-known in the comic world, not much is known about Dark Universe.  The only character we know about is John Constantine, who finds and leads the team against the forces of darkness.  Before you get your hopes up, Matt Ryan will not be reprising his role in this film, WB has already announced they will be recasting.  Before Del Toro reduced his role to producer, he had mentioned Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Deadman, and Etrigan the Demon could be the team.  That’s about all we know, though.

What we do know is that Dark Universe will work as a separate entity from the events in Justice League and Suicide Squad, for now.  Much like Marvel, they will all be in same Cinematic Universe and will co-exist in their own plotlines with the intention to eventually unite them.

Dark Universe is currently in pre-production but we could very soon be getting in production soon, if Scott Rudin has anything to say about it.  As more news comes, keep it on Cinelinx.com.

Justice League Dark was announced on May 31, 2011 as a First Wave title of The New 52 The title and team was created byPeter Milligan, with art by Mikel Janín. The title launched on September 28, 2011. The title brought several of DC Comics’occult and offbeat characters, something which had been a trait of sister imprint Vertigo, back into the main DC Universe following Vertigo’s editorial change to publish purely new, creator owned content.  The opening storyline involves Enchantress’ defeat of the Justice League, leading to the necessity of a more supernatural team to assist in these events, and detailing how they have come together.  In his first story arc, the Justice League Dark took residence in their new base, at the House of Mystery, and have started to show their links with the wider DC Universe, dealing with Steve Trevor and A.R.G.U.S. courtesy of Wikipedia.

What do you think of Dark Universe?