DC May Try to Match Marvel’s Film Output but On a Smaller Budget


In terms of volume and variety, the cinematic competition between Marvel and DC has been pretty one sided up till now. That may change soon. Warner Bros. and DC studios executives having been dropping hints about upcoming movies based on their stable of comic book characters, albeit on a smaller scale.


We know that the tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman is due out in 2015, and there are semi-concrete plans to release a Justice League movie in 2017. But aside from those mega budget releases starring Superman and Batman—the only characters DC seems to have any faith in for big screen releases—DC has been reluctant to pull the trigger on some of their other characters, possibly due to the failure of the Green Lantern. 


This gun-shy stance has led to a Superman/Batman-centric focus of DC films. DC doesn’t seem to have the confidence that Marvel has in investing in super hero films, especially their lower-tier characters. Therefore, they’ve come up with a solution—A series of low-budget films.


Bleeding Cool has revealed that David S. Goyer—the DC comics cinematic advisor who’s written both Superman and Batman on film—has discussed DC/Warner’s plan to release smaller scale films twice a year, with budgets somewhere between $20 million-$40 million.


The small-budget movies will allow DC to showcase some of its lesser-known characters. Among the film projects currently under consideration for the small-scale treatment are the Metal Men, Fables, Team 7, Deathstroke and Suicide Squad.  These would be the equivalent of the old ‘B-pictures’, which would give DC a consistent screen presence in between their ‘A-Picture’ releases. The big blockbusters will appear approximately once every two years.


What do you think of DC/Warner’s intended strategy?