DC Wows With Footage from Justice League and Wonder Woman

Let’s start off with the film that comes out first, Wonder Woman.  I love, love this trailer.  It’s got some Thor-esque themes (Director Patty Jenkins was tapped to direct a Thor movie, at one point.) while still bringing in some of the elements from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Chris Pine is the perfect Steve Trevor.  His delivery is always on point.  The action seems epic and the scenery looks gorgeous.  My only knock is that I’m tired of slow-motion.  I’d rather see Wonder Woman beat up some soldiers in real-time versus accentuating the blast.  Nevertheless, the most anticipated trailer of SDCC 2016 lived up to the hype.

Now to the footage we didn’t think we’d see, Justice League!  Before we begin, it’s already pretty obvious that Ben Affleck has taken the reigns of Executive Producer and it makes all the difference in the world.  The introduction of each character, their recruitment, bantor, and formation is charming and fun.  It’s a lighter side that we didn’t see much of in BvS.  Jason Mamoa‘s almost savage, drunk approach makes even the biggest Aquaman-haters bite their tongue.  Ezra Miller can hold his own with Affleck as Barry Allen, The Flash, but fans will compare him to Grant Gustin and that’s just unfair.  The line of, “I need friends” is amusing but also unfortunate for a character of his caliber.  However, he does bring in the right amount of humor.  I dislike that we didn’t see more of Cyborg but you need to leave something for the November 2017 film.  

Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot as the stars of both films make the trailers, for me.  Their chemistry is wonderful, and leaves me yearning for more.  Even Gadot in her standalone film brings that same amount of magnetism and charm from BvS to both of these trailers.

I’m extremely excited for the potential for both films.  DC/WB are really stepping it up by getting away from the dark, grittiness that they were criticized for and making a product much more enjoyable.

Wonder Woman arrives in theaters June 2, 2017 and then joins the Justice League November 17, 2017!

What do you think of these trailers?