Deathstroke Actor Shares the First Look at the Character

Some will say this is a spoiler but honestly if the actor himself shared it I think I’m good. Now we confirmed in October that a Deathstroke film is being developed starring Joe Manganiello. Well if you stayed till the end of Justice League you got to see the actor in full gear and make up of one of DC’s deadliest assassins. Well for those that didn’t make it out Joe himself shared this image on Twitter.


As most of the team said when we saw this, perfect. Even the few minutes that we got of this scene I think he has the character pegged pretty well. He’s no nonsense, he’s a bit intimidating, also he looks like he could murder you in seconds. I like the look as it’s very New 52 in look but gives that update Slade needs for his debut on the silver screen. I mean they had a good model to go off of, I’m looking at Arrow over there. No new details have been released for the upcoming film but I think we may see Slade Wilson in the next Justice League movie, if there is one.

-Jason The X