Die Hard 5 Gets a Title and Release Date Among Other Information

I’ve always loved the Die Hard franchise, and actually enjoyed Live Free or Die Hard for what it was.  So I’ve been interested in all of the talk about Die Hard 5 for a while.  Now with a full title and release date, I have to admit to feeling a little giddy.  Not to mention I’m getting a kick out of this new title: A Good Day to Die Hard.

A Good Day to Die Hard

Is it silly?  Yes.  Is it kind of stupid?  Yes.  But, so help me, I’m loving it.  Die Hard is one of those franchises that seems to understand exactly the type of film it is; ridiculous action.  The titles really seem to reflect this mentality too.  I mean Die Hard: With a Vengeance, Live Free or Die Hard, and now this.  It honestly sounds like they’re having fun with a fun property that isn’t designed to be a serious thriller.

So while many on the internet are already complaining about the title, I’m having fun with it.  It’s a 90s action franchise, and it’s not afraid of that and seems to embrace it’s own ridiculousness.  In my mind, that’s far better than trying to change what the John McClane adventures are all about.

Die Hard 5

So when can we expect to see this in theaters?  Well on the most romantic holiday; February 14th, 2013.  While Valentine’s Day may seem like an odd time to release an action flick, I still think Fox is making the smart move here.  With Summer 2013 already filled with highly anticipated titles, Die Hard 5 would have a hard time standing out.  Releasing it earlier in the year could allow it to sit unchallenged at the top of the box office far longer than during the Summer.  Still, good luck convincing your significant other to go see it instead of some chick flick on release day…

Slashfilm also snagged some other details.  Namely, the story centers around John McClane going to Moscow to bail his son out of jail, but not everything is as it seems.  Filming is set to begin this upcoming January and they still don’t know if it’s going to be rated R or PG-13.

Personally, I’m hoping for a return to the R rating.  McClane as a character seems to work best when he’s uninhibited, so let’s keep crossing our fingers that they realize this.  So I’m curious, what’s everyone’s take on the new title and the film in general?