Die Hard 5 is Going to Russia; Searching for a New Director

In all honesty, I still can’t believe Die Hard 5 is happening.  I mean, c’mon!  The franchise is over 20 years old, and star Bruce Willis is approaching his sixties.  Just the thought of a sixty year old guy kicking ass is pretty baffling.  To be fair, I’m not COMPLETELY dubious about a Die Hard 5; if you remember correctly, I DID feature it in my list of films I think could use a reboot. That said, it sounds like the film is going in the completely opposite direction of what I suggested.  So much for Die Hard 5.  I just hope the franchise dies with at least a shred of dignity.

John McClane

Twitch reports that the folks over at Fox have taken a standstill when it comes to Die Hard 5. They have a script or, at the very least, a story.  They even have a location; the glorious land of Russia.  But now, they’re missing one very important thing; a director.  After being hired to direct the terribly titled 300: Battle of Artemisia, Noam Murro had no choice but to drop out of Die Hard 5. Now, according to Twitch, the hack director of films such as Max Payne and Behind Enemy Lines has the gig all lined up for him.  As they said, the job is “his to take or leave.”  Is exile not an option here?  Okay, just checking.

Obviously, my enthusiasm for this project is pretty much non existent.  In there write up, Twitch mentions that all the Die Hard films have substantially grown bigger, from an office building, to an airport, to a city, and then a county.  Now it’s going global.  But the real reason Die Hard succeeded was not its scale, but its simplicity.  John McClane should be trapped inside air ducts, not the country of Russia.  That feeling of claustrophobia and being trapped is what made Die Hard a classic.  He wasn’t saving the entire world; he was just a normal guy trying to save his family.

Live Free or Die Hard

But Live Free or Die Hard threw that out the window.  In that one, John McClane was flying police cars at helicopters and coming out of explosions with no so much as a scratch.  In Die Hard 5, he’ll be doing that in Russia, with a son in tow.  A SON.  Let me guess, the third act is about McClane searching for the Crystal Skull and encountering an alien spaceship, right?  Add in a very ordinary director such as John Moore and you got another lazy sequel to a series that is best left retired.