Directors Shortlist for ‘Die Hard 5’ Features Joe Cornish, Justin Lin, and Nicholas Rinding Refn

To be fair, Fox has made a lot of creative strides over the last couple years.  The 20th Century Fox of 10 years ago would have never hired Matthew Vaughn to direct X-Men: First Class. Heck, they wouldn’t have even CONSIDERED him.  But Fox did hire Vaughn, and we got a good film out of it.  Has Fox realized that the path to a good film is hiring a competent director who has his own style and way of filmmaking?  No, probably not.  But at least there open to the idea of creative development.  And that’s something!

Directors Search

News broke a couple days ago that original director for Die Hard 5, Noam Murro, had dropped out of the position due to his commitment to the 300 prequel.  At the time, it was assumed that resident hack John Moore had the job all to himself, and that he and Fox just had to ink out the details.  However, Deadline reports that that is not the case.  Fox actually has a trio of directors in mind for the job in addition to John Moore.  Meetings will be held with each person throughout the week as Fox makes its final decision.  Here are the candidates:

-Joe Cornish: The man behind the science fiction film Attack the Block.  Most of Attack the Block is about a group of teenagers defending there building from aliens.  Trade aliens for terrorist and you pretty much have Die Hard.

-Justin Lin: Has directed the last two Fast and Furious films, in addition to the 2002 indie Better Luck Tomorrow. Justin Lin is knee deep in rebooting the Terminator franchise, so chances are he won’t have time for Die Hard 5. But still, he’s proven his action chops before with one of the best action films of the year, Fast Five.

-John Moore: Directed such classics as The Omen reboot and Max Payne. He is Fox’s in house hack, so he probably has the greatest chance of getting the job.

-Nicholas Rinding Refn: Director of the three part Pusher trilogy, in addition to this year’s action drama Drive. Refn’s penchant for violent humor seems perfect for Die Hard, and his sense of style is hard to beat.

Die Hard 5

So there you have it, the four men Fox is considering to direct Die Hard 5. Sadly John McTiernan, the director of the original Die Hard and Die Hard with a Vengeance, didn’t make the cut.  Sure, he’s an ex felon now, but he’s still one of the greatest action directors of all time.  Shame Fox couldn’t give him another chance.  Of the four options, though, my pick would be either Nicolas Rinding Refn or Joe Cornish, just because I think they’re the most suitable directors for the gig.  Lin is a good action director, but his style of filmmaking is to slick for the gritty Die Hard.

But like I said, chances are, Moore will get the job.  But if Fox chooses anyone else, my anticipation will be much higher for the film.  But what do you think?  Who do you want for the job?