Discover the Truth About Jason Bourne in New Trailer

Matt Damon is back as the sleeper agent Jason Bourne in the new self-entitled film.  The new full length trailer, shows us a new Bourne that is no longer searching for himself, like he was in the previous three starring Damon.  Now, Bourne is working on finding out the whole story, in this espionage drama.

The film stars Tommy Lee JonesJulia Stiles, and Alicia Vikander. 

I’ve been such a Bourne nut ever since 2002’s The Bourne Identity came out.  The entire trilogy wasn’t great but it’s been a fun, enthralling series.  Credit to Jeremy Renner for picking up the mantle but it’s not a Bourne movie without Jason Bourne.  Welcome back Matt Damon!

Jason Bourne hits theaters July 27, 2016 with a cool slogan “You Know His Name”

Are you excited for more Bourne?

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