Disney Definitely Moving Forward With Tron 3; Hopefully It Won’t Be Awful

Back when TRON: Legacy came out, I was pretty damn vocal about my disappointment (and still am today).  The film could have been something amazing, instead it was tolerable and filled with too many plotholes to overlook.  I understand no film is without fault, but this one had more than I was willing to look past.  It crushed me.  I was hoping for an amazing science fiction outing and the reboot of a beloved franchise, instead I got Legacy.

Tron 3

In all honesty, I had washed my hands of the franchise and found myself uninterested in whether or not a third film would happen (there was a lot of doubt back then about it).  In fact, it wasn’t until the spectacularly well done cartoon show, TRON: Uprising came out, that my faith was restored to the brand to some degree.  So when this news came in (from The Hollywood Reporter) I have mixed emotions. 

According to the report, Disney is in talks to hire Jesse Wigutow to pen the next draft of the TRON 3 script, meaning the project is finally moving forward.  Joseph Kosinski is still set to helm the sequel, which I could live without him doing it again, but I’m still hopeful that this movie manages to make up for the mistakes of Legacy

Perhaps it’s a fool’s hope, but some hope is better than none at all.  Anyway, what do you guys think of seeing another TRON movie?