Disney Planning on a New Star Wars Film Every Year Starting in 2015

Yeah, you read that right, a new movie every year beginning in 2015.  This means they are definitely prepping Episode VII for a release in the Summer of 2015 (which there was some minor doubt about that a little while ago), and that they’ll be alternating the numbered sequels with the confirmed standalone movies they have in the works. 

While that’s incredibly exciting, it’s also somewhat frustrating in that we still have no details on any of them!  While rumors have been running rampant over what the standalone movies could be (from a Zack Snyder helmed film, to a Yoda, Boba Fett, and Han Solo films, and most recently a Darth Maul spin-off), Disney has remained tight-lipped on any firm details on what the standalone films will consist of. We know that Lawrence Kasdan (who worked on the script for Empire Strikes back and Return of the Jedi) was brought in early on with Simon Kinberg, with the purpose of fleshing out stories for the spin-offs, but that’s about all we’ve got.  


Frankly, I’m more looking forward to the standalone films, as I feel those have the most potential for experimentation and branching out into aspects of Star Wars that have yet to be explored in films.  The sequel trilogy is exciting, don’t get me wrong, but more than likely, they’re going to play it safe with those films.  While they’ll be a lot of fun and entertaining, I doubt they’ll try and break the mold with them too.  I understand why, but this means the spin-off films have the chance to break out and do something fans have been asking for and want to see most.  

I do worry that Disney didn’t provide any sort of end date for the Star Wars films.  While I’m a massive fan and can’t wait for more Star Wars films, a new movie every year could cause fans and general movie-goers to reach a burn-out point, which could be more detrimental for the Star Wars franchise than a long hiatus.  Let’s hope that there is an ultimate end game plan in place and that they aren’t just making them willy-nilly.  

Seeing as how we have an indefinite amount of Star Wars films (at the least 6 I’m guessing; three numbered and three spin-offs) coming every Summer, within just two years’ time…I’m guessing we’ll be starting to get some concrete information sooner rather than later.  Celebration Europe is happening pretty soon, and I’ve heard hints from variuos sources that some big info we’ll be announced there as well.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!