Disney Pulling Movies From Netflix; Plans to Create New Streaming Service

Everybody has to have their own streaming service.  That fact is becoming more apparent with the latest announcement from Disney CEO Bob Iger.  During the latest earnings report on Tuesday, the entertainment empire announced that it would be pulling all of their movies from Netflix, after less than a year into the contract Netflix spent $300 million to secure.

Instead, Disney will now focus on creating its own streaming service to host all of its intellectual property.  They plan on releasing this service in 2019, for an undisclosed amount of money, and it will include all Disny and Pixar titles, old and new, which means “Toy Story 4,” “Frozen 2,” and the upcoming live-action “The Lion King.” will be included.  Plus, Disney plans to make a “significant investment” into exclusive movies and television.  

No doubt being as close to Netflix as they have been, with the Marvel-Netflix superhero series, Disney learned the importance of exclusive, original content being included in their streaming services.  Nowadays, you can’t survive on just movies.  You have to include really good programming to sustain a successful streaming service.

In addition to Disney movies having a new place to call home, Disney-owned sports station ESPN will also be getting a streaming service, but it’ll happen a lot sooner.  ESPN’s platform will feature about 10,000 sports a year, more specifically MLB, NHL, MLS, Tennis, and major College sports.  Disney is purchasing majority ownership of BAMTech, which they own 33% of at the moment, to power the service.  ESPN’s streaming service is set to release in 2018.

The winners are obviously BAMTech and Disney in this.  BAMTech just got a LOT of money while Disney gets to reap the rewards of having their own exclusive streaming service because, let’s face it, people will be ordering it.

The losers are consumers and Netflix.  Consumers will now have yet another streaming service to purchase because, let’s face it, they will.  Meanwhile, Netflix is out $300 million and their stock dropped more than 5 percent after this news.  

How do you feel about Disney’s massive plan?