Disney Says At Least 3 Star Wars Spin-Offs Will Land By the End of the Decade

WSJ and other news outlets were among those live-tweeting the Disney Investor’s meeting yesterday, where CEO Bob Iger talked a few things related to the Star Wars brand, including:

“and we made some other news last week when we announced the cast of Star Wars Episode VII which includes some very familiar faces as well as some exciting new talent and the reaction has been tremendous.  I was at Pinewood Studios with JJ Abrams a couple of weeks ago and left more confident than ever that Episode VII will be the extraordinary movie Star Wars fans have been waiting for”.

Encouraging to say the least, but let’s face it, why wouldn’t he talk about how awesome it’s going to be?  Anyway, perhaps the most exciting announcement came when he said that “at least three” (which means they may have more than that in the works) Star Wars spin-off films will be released before the end of the decade (2020 if you were wondering).  \


Iger also reaffirmed what’s been mentioned previously, that the primary “Episodes” will be releasing every other year.  So with Episode VII hitting in 2015, Episode VIII would be in 2017, and Episode IX in 2019.  If they’re wanting to get out 3 spin-off films that would mean to expect those in 2016, 2018, and 2020, which lines up perfectly with previous reports that they were wanting new Star Wars films every year.

What remains to be seen, is what those spin-off movies will be about.  We already know they will be totally separate from the new trilogy, and are supposedly going to be about particular characters.  Han Solo, Yoda, Boba Fett, and even Darth Maul films have been rumored but as of now, it’s all up in the air. 

Considering we’re just now starting to get official info on Episode VII, it’s not surprising that firm plans haven’t been announced for any 2016 spin-off film, but I imagine time is drawing near when they have to say something.   Rumors are swirling about hearing more Episode VII news at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but perhaps Disney is also planning to drop the word on their first spin-off.  One can only hope!

What do you hope to see in terms of a spin-off movie?