‘Doctor Horrible 2’ Will Hit Cameras This Summer, Says Joss Whedon

 All I can say is…hell yeah. Ever since Joss Whedon’s web series first premiered in July of 2008, I’ve been waiting for more. The web series kicks ass, plain and simple, and perfectly encapsulates all the qualities of Joss Whedon. If has some amazingly catching songs, a wonderful performance from the always entertaining Neil Patrick Harris, and some pretty great supporting performances by Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day. Even then, a mere 45 minutes felt too short. I needed more.

And now, it seems I will be getting it. During an interview with Wired at SXSW, director Joss Whedon discussed a possible sequel to the indie hit. Whedon has an outline, and a few songs have been written. But it seems like scheduling has been the teams real issue so far:

“It’s been a really tough year — couple of years — partially, I’m happy to say, because of work.  We’re stuck, basically, at this one part in the process.  All of us are looking at this summer as the time when we can go, ‘Hey, you know what? We’ve got a little free time, let’s get unstuck.’ Neil has been like, ‘How long?’ We’re all sort of just waiting, but the waiting will stop.”

Dr. Horrible 2

Now just because Whedon HOPES to plan to film this year doesn’t neccesarily mean he will do it.  There’s a lot of factors here, such as the aforementioned scheduling and, of course, aquiring the money to do it.  But it seems like the cast is game, which is certainly a good thing.  Whedon and his siblings have reportedly written some songs already, and there is an outline for the sequel in place that will bring back stars Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion (although Felicia Day’s involvement is up in the air, for reasons I won’t discuss here but are pretty apparent to Horrible fans).  So, in a nutshell, this project seems to actually be happening.  And when can we expect to see it?  Well, that too is a difficult question.  It will probably film this summer, but who knows if it will release this summer.  If Whedon goes the indy route like with the first series, then we could potentially see it hitting online around the same timeframe.  But with the klout that Whedon will have after the inevitable success of The Avengers…will he even go that route, or will he just do a full on feature film for the sequel?  Who knows, really.  But just keep in mind; this is the guy who called up Nathan Fillion to film a Shakespeare adaptation literally in his backyard.

Who knows what to expect from this man.