Duncan Jones Already Has Plans for Two Warcraft Sequels

You may remember that Warcraft was originally supposed to release this December before The Force Awakens forced it to move to March…then from March it was recently pushed to a Summer release in June.  That wasn’t always the plan, and because of that, the film itself is almost finished, nearly a year before it’s release.  

Duncan Jones himself confirmed at SDCC last night, that the film only has about 10 VFX shots left to be completed before the film is finished and ready.  That means the director and studio have had plenty of time already to get a feel for the final film and what they think of it.  Jones is very confident in the final product and speaking to media last night, said he hopes to return for the film’s sequel and possibly a third one after that!  

Warcraft SDCC 2015

With the first film pretty much done, however, he’s wanting to turn his attention to a smaller sci-fi flick, Mute, and then once Warcraft releases next year return for the sequel.  Supposedly he’s already talked with Blizzard and the studios about ideas for two sequels.  If the film proves successful, and he’s obviously interested, I don’t see any reason they wouldn’t bring Jones back for more.  

This weekend Legendary is bringing Warcraft to their SDCC panel, where they are likely to show off the first trailer for the film (hopefully), so we’ll have more information on this film as the weekend progresses, so be sure to stay tuned!


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