Early Reviews for X-Men Apocalypse Are Not Excellent

Marvel has some major momentum right now, riding out the extreme popularity of Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War. However, that momentum may be coming to an end. The preliminary reviews are starting to come in for X-Men: Apocalypse and they are not encouraging.

At the moment, the latest installment in the X-Franchise is sitting at a mere 50% on Metacritic and an even lower 43% on Rotten Tomatoes. This is a comedown from the overwhelmingly positive reviews that Marvel’s other films have received this year.

Variety writes that the newest X-Men film suffers from a “case of been-there, done-that-itis.” 

Entertainment Weekly wrote “It is a movie with way too much of everything except the things that should matter the most — novelty, creativity, and fun.”

These review ratings can still turn around and get better, but they could also get worse (Batman v. Superman started at 43% and dropped down to 27%). For those who think that reviews are not important, it should be pointed out that recent superhero movies with bad reviews have underperformed. For instance, both Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman got poor reviews and while they were profitable, they both fell considerably short of industry expectations. If the bad reviews continue to come in for X-Men: Apocalypse, it could hurt the box office and ultimately cause it to fall short of expectations.

While this is not part of the MCU/Disney/Marvel Studios series of comic book films, the X-Men are still Marvel’s most lucrative comic book franchise so this could be a blow to Marvel’s reputation.