Eastwood, Ford, Nic Cage and Wesley Snipes for Expendables 3? Yes Please!

It’s no secret that I’ve loved the insanity of Expendables, and how their goal to bring all these actiony stars into one film (regardless of the story).  I think it’s a great thing, mostly because I grew up with those stupid mindless action flicks.  Movie studios are banking on people loving those things as well for the second Expendables outing, and it’s no real surprise that the filmmakers are already planning on a third film, with even MORE stars!  While talking with Total Film, producer Avi Lerner, discussed who they were in talks with and wanting:

“We’ve approached Clint Eastwood to be one of the guys, we’ve got a character in mind for him. We’re talking to Harrison Ford. [And we want] Wesley Snipes when he comes back from prison. I’ll give you one more name, we’ve got Nicolas Cage to play [one of the characters]…And we’re going to bring Mickey Rourke back, if he won’t be too crazy. I like Mickey. And of course, all the existing stars [will return]”

What more could you really ask for in a big mindless action film?  Not much, and if all those additions end up happening action film fans are going to be in for a big treat.  Let’s just hope that the film manages to sneak in a good story too, because that would just make everything that much sweeter.  What do you guys think about these additions?  Any others you would want?