Evan Daugherty and WB Team Up For Tomb Raider Reboot

MGM was already working on rebooting the Tomb Raider franchis in movie form, and now they have some financial backing from WB. According to Deadline, WB has stepped in to help finance and produce the film. In other words, the film just got a much larger budget and that can only be good news. At least we hope!

On the flip side, Evan Daugherty has stepped in to be the new writer for the franchise. His previous work includes TMNT, Show White and The Huntsman, Divergant, and G.I. Joe 3. This is a bit worrying being that all these films are action and “blockbuster” oriented films, and that isn’t entirely what we want. The new game franchise came out extremely strong due to Lara Croft being a more emotionally driven character that felt a lot more human to players. The next game seems to take that even further, and if a film is to succeed it should follow suit!

Yet the only movie on that list that tried to be more story driven was Divergent… and well… let’s just blame the source material on that one!The good news is that he is also writing Image Comics 5 Ghosts adaptation, and that one is a tad bit more story driven, so there is hope! Plus TMNT had some good character development.

Tomb Raider was a box office hit for MGM in 2001 with Angelina Joile where it made over $430 million between two movies. Are you excited for the return?