Evil Dead Remake Gets NC-17 Rating, Goes Back to Editing

We're going to get you...


From the initial red band trailers for the upcoming Evil Dead remake it is apparent that the film won’t be shying away from violence and gore as a method to make you scream.  The film-makers seem to have been pushing the boundaries a little too far as it has been confirmed that the film has received a NC-17 rating from the MPAA upon first submission. The result? The film makers have decided to go back to the editing room to reduce the rating upon the next submission.


NC-17 movies are few and far between at the theaters, but horror films of late have had similar experiences as the newest Evil Dead. Both 2013’s Texas Chainsaw 3D and 2010’s Saw 3D had to be re-edited because the initial submissions were given the NC-17 rating. While an NC-17 might carry some sort of appeal once the film reaches the DVD/Blu-ray market, it’s widely considered a bad idea to release a NC-17 movie into theaters. Not only does the rating forbid a considerable portion of the typical movie-going audience from being able to view it, but others who were merely curious might now be totally turned off.

Profit drives big-budget movies and this one is not going to sacrifice big money to make sure you agree with its tag line. So far the trailers have delivered on that promise, but we will see if they too will be edited accordingly.