Exclusive Clip From Zombie Drugs Promises It’s Not a Zombie

Earlier this week, Kyra got the chance to talk with the creators of Zombie Drugs in an exclusive interview and now we get this!  The clip I’m about to show you really highlights the comedy side of the film, as well as gives you a good look at the production values too.

The Official Synopsis:

Small town suburban burn-outs are starting a business in the only industry they know, drugs.  Set out to produce and sell a drug that gives a perfect high, Vinny and Sebastian recruit the help of Sebastian’s jealous girlfriend and her rich best friend. The four of them take on the drug world fighting mobsters, frat-boys and even an occasional zombie.

The movie has just recently wrapped up filming and is soon to be making the rounds in a limited theatrical run.   Be sure to stay tuned to TMP for more information on Zombie Drugs and even more clips as they become available directly from the filmmakers.