F9 Posters and Teaser Prepare You For Friday’s Full Trailer

Eager Fast & Furious fans get their first look at the franchise’s upcoming 9th film thanks to a teaser clip and poster before a full trailer at the end of the week.

Today brings our first look at F9 (yes, Universal has confirmed that F9 is the film’s actual title and isn’t short for Fast 9) thanks to a simple teaser poster as well as a clip from the film’s upcoming trailer:

Gotta say, seeing Dominic Toretto working on a TRACTOR isn’t exactly how I imagined our first look at F9 to be. It’s not bad, but crazy to see the franchise, known for it’s over the top action, take a slower approach in our first look. I’m sure the full trailer, which arrives Friday, will showcase more action and insanity, but for now, I’m intrigued by this brief clip.

F9 is slated to hit theaters on May 22, 2020.