Fan Prayers Answered: David O. Russell Drops Out of ‘Uncharted’ Movie

Thank goodness, is all I can really say.  While I like David O. Russell’s movies, and think he’s a good director, this was just a poor choice of movie for him.  He’s been attached to direct since October of last year, and since he’s come on, there’s been nothing but woe coming from the movie adaptation.

David O. Russell

Variety is now reporting that Russell has left the project due to ‘creative differences’.  What this more than likely means is that the ‘family plot’ movie (which sounded nothing at all like the game…seriously, many doubt he’s even played it) that he wanted to turn Uncharted into, just wasn’t jiving with what the studios were ultimately wanting.

Perhaps it’s possible that the fans, who have been very out-spoken on the way Russell wanted to change the source material, that finally turned the tide.  The studios could have been listening to the wave of backlash each news piece was getting and decided to go another way.  Either way, Russell is now off the project.


Not to worry though, as he already has about 4 other projects lined up (which could also be a reason for his departure).  Besides which the studios are saying that it was an amicable split between them, and they’ve beginning the search for a new writer/director now.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect for me on this (speaking as a fan), is the chance to start back at zero.  While it sucks that this only means the film will be delayed that much more, it is exciting that we have another chance of making this movie great.  Hopefully we can get a new director in here that really understands and appreciates the source material (and games in general), who can make this movie work.  Let’s also hope that Russell takes Mark Wahlberg with him, and we can get a better actor to portray Nate Drake….Perhaps it’s time to re-start our Nathan Fillion campaigns?

So the real question now is, who do we want to replace him? Share you thoughts below.