Fantastic Four’s 2015 Release Date Makes an Epic Year Even More Awesome

Many film critics say that 1939 was the best-ever year for movies. However, in a few years, the modern generation of film fans may be saying the same thing about the year 2015.

The revampeded version of the Fantastic Four has been announced for a 2015 release date. The planned film–which will hopefully give the first Marvel superheroes ever published a film worthy of their comic legacy–will be released along with a whole host of other big-budget, and highly anticipated sci-fi/action films.

Along with the new Fantastic Four movie, 2015 is also supposed to give us the Justice League, the Avengers 2, Star Wars: Episode VII, and Pirates of the Caribbean part 5. These films may not win the Best Picture of the year award, but they will surely rake in some mega-bucks. Expect Hollywood to have a good financial year in 2015. Since last year’s The Avengers set the bar so high for sci-fi/action films (especially super hero films) hopefully the quality of these eagerly awaited films will live up to expectations.

We’ll find out in two years. It’ll go fast.