Fear Arrives in the First Alien: Covenant Trailer

Just last month we got our first, and excellent, movie poster for Ridley Scott’s next adventure in the Alien universe.  The poster brought back the iconic monster along with an earlier than previously announced release date.  Today keeps the good times rolling with the first look at footage from the upcoming film, that’s sure to make Alien fans happy: 

Lots of great vibes in this trailer, and I couldn’t be happier.  While I wasn’t overly thrilled with how Prometheus ultimately turned out, it set up some great ideas and lore that I can’t wait to see explored further.  What do you guys think of this first trailer? 

Set as the second chapter in a prequel trilogy that began with Prometheus, Alien: Covenant connects directly to Ridley Scott’s 1979 seminal work of science fiction. It begins with the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy. There, the crew discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world — whose sole inhabitant is the “synthetic” David, survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition.

Alien Covenant hits theaters on May 19, 2017