Find Your Voice in the Latest Coco Trailer

A lot of comparisons have been made between The Book of Life and Disney-Pixar’s latest venture, Coco.  Despite the obvious similarities with the theme and music, the latest trailer for Coco shows that their film will stand up as its own unique take on The Day of the Dead, when it comes out in November.

Disney and Pixar really brought the charm with this trailer.  Everything from the dog (Dante), to the skeletal walk, to the accountant skeleton had me grinning from ear-to-ear.  The animation duo has always had a knack for creating solid dialogue for all ages to enjoy, and it looks like they’re on the top of their game with Coco.

Although, the dialogue is memorable, the thing I’ll take away the most from this trailer is how stunning Coco looks.  Pixar may have outdone themselves with this film by creating picturesque scenes and even an enormous Gryphon.  These are the things that will set Coco apart from The Book of Life.

Coco hits theaters on Thanksgiving Day!

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