First Clip from The Avengers is All About Black Widow

So Marvel has released the first official clip from The Avengers, and while it doesn’t feature any of the main heroes from the film, it’s no less action packed.  The other nice thing about this clip is that it features a scene we haven’t seen anything from yet.  So it’s pretty much entirely fresh:

There are a few things I like in this clip.  Sure it seems like your typical action scene, but there is also quite a bit of humor included in there.  From Black Widow’s ‘duh’ look, to Agent Coulson patiently holding on the line, the whole scene just works.  Sure, I would love to see what happened after and before, but as it stands, it’s a pretty solid clip.

Judging by the predicament Black Widow is in and the overall tone of the scene, I’m willing to bet this is something that happens fairly early in the film.  Hell it might even be her intro to the movie.  Hard to say, but that’s my best guess.  So what do you guys think?