First Look at Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa


Okay hold it right there! Some of you out there nodded and said “Okay, looks good.” But there’s a few that said otherwise. For reference here is Old school Rita Repulsa or Bandora depending on what country you were in when you watched this show.


One more time.


Okay are we done yet? Seriously there wasn’t going to be a Rita based on this design and you know it. In this new design, Rita looks actually formidable instead of someone that throws kids into an oven to cook them (which is also terrifying; just throwing that out there).  Best of all, we do have a first look at something from the movie so this is really exciting. As Beast once said in X-Men, “Can’t wait to see the suits.”

Power Rangers debuts March 24, 2017.  What do you think of the new Rita Repulsa?  Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

-Jason The X

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