First look at Karl Urban as Judge Dredd doesn’t inspire confidence

As far as I know, they aren’t into full production just yet on the film (hell I didn’t even know they were close until I got this picture).  They are currently doing rehearsals so that’s where this picture comes from.  Jock, the artist who currently draws the art for the comic and did concept work for the new film posted this picture today from his Twitter feed.  My first impression…meh.


Karl Urban Dredd


It’s not terrible, but something about it looks cheap and shoddy.  Almost like I’m looking at a picture from someone’s fan film.  Overall I’m just not impressed, and Karl Urban looks like a kid underneath that helmet (it just looks too massive!).  Now, I may be a little over critical here, but my interest in a lot of comic book movies has started to wane.  I’ve never been that interested in Judge Dredd, nor am I now.


Who knows, this film could really blow us away, but right now I’m wary.  The costume just isn’t working for me, and the picture just makes the wrong impression.  Hopefully I’m wrong, but I’ll let you judge for yourself…what do you guys think?