First Look At The New Godzilla?

I’m a little disappointed because I like what I see here. I could never get behind the Jurassic Park style Godzilla of ’98. The design was just way too off to feel like Godzilla. I’m sure we all appreciate the fact that they tried to make the design fresh but they just missed the mark.

Even if this isn’t Godzilla I think it’s safe to say  that if this is any indication of the concepts they are tossing around then we are in for a treat. They seem to be leaning toward a more demonic Godzilla hell bent on destroying the city (instead of just a mother looking to nest). We’ll just have to wait and see and I know I’ve been looking forward to another take on the beast, but then again I had secretly hoped ‘Cloverfield’ really was going to be the new Godzilla since the first trailer leaked.