First look at Megan Fox’s replacement on ‘Transformers 3’ set and a teaser poster to boot

With their new leading lady firmly locked into place, Michael Bay is hard at work on the follow up to the financially successful but over-all disappointing Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.  Some new pics from the set of the film have hit the Internet but they honestly don’t show anything particularly juicy (which is probably why they haven’t been yanked down yet).



In these shots we get to see the revamped versions of Autobots Ratchet and Ironhide (in their car forms of course).  You can just barely see Optimus Prime but unfortunately he’ still covered up by the tarp.  Then these little things were also spotted and are more than likely what the humans will be using to help spot their enemies (they are based off of the Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), although it would be interesting if there were some little Autobot waiting inside:

Lastly I present to you what everyone wants to see; Rose Huntington-Whiteley on the set.  Stealing the role from Megan Fox, many fans are hoping that she’ll bring more to the story than just her looks.  Then again she is a Victoria Secret model, so I wouldn’t hold your breath for Bay to do anything spectacular with her.

The first pic at the top comes courtesy of  Snapped from the Licensing Expo, this is the first look at the Transformers 3 teaser poster.  Pretty standard image without giving away very much (it’s honestly kind of boring).