First Look: There Be Dragons

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There Be Dragons

The “dragons” referred to in the title are figurative, meant to represent the inner demons we all face. The film, set during the Spanish Civil War, follows the paths of two lifelong friends, Manolo (American Beauty’s Wes Bentley) and Josemaria (Stardust’s Charlie Cox), who drift apart after one chooses to become a priest, and the other, a soldier.


Featuring Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace), the film tells a story of love, betrayal, and redemption, all against the larger backdrop of war. While it’s too early to start crowning a film as great, Dragons looks to be a nice character-driven piece that may be an antidote to the CGI fest playing at your local multiplex. Given the fact that it’s an independent film, however, it will likely see a limited release mostly to art-house theaters.


Here’s a look at the film’s teaser:



This “behind the scenes” clip, posted to the film’s YouTube channel, provides some background to the film, including some insight from director Joffe.



There Be Dragons opens in Spring 2011, but a specific release date has not been set.