First Midsommar Trailer Teases an Ominous Festival

Ari Aster has been hard at work on his Hereditary follow-up, but for the most part the horror project has largely been a secret. While we got some brief hints about the film last week, today brings an official trailer which gives us a look at what the thriller will bring: 

Obviously, there’s not much to go on storywise, aside from the fact that these unsuspecting people are going out to try and enjoy a once in a lifetime festival before things go horribly wrong. Despite not showing much in terms of the story, the overall vibe of the trailer sets a decidely tense tone. Seriously, I felt my nerves ramping up as the short teaser raced to the end and when it was over there’s an unmistakable feeling of dredd for these characters. Something crazy is going on in Midsommar and now I’m eager to find out what…

Midsommar poster

Midsommar will arrive at some point this Summer. What do you think of our first look?