First Official Clip From New Mortal Kombat Series, who’s hosting the launch on April 12th, is the one who released this clip.  I have to say that I’m a very big Mortal Kombat fan.  I even love the cheesiness of the movies…both of them (and am looking forward to their blu-rays).  Obviously the films just couldn’t live up to the MK name though, and like many fans, I’ve been desperate for another movie.

There are so many ways that a MK movie today would be awesome.  Filmmaking, especially in the action genre, have come a long way since Mortal Kombat first graced the screen.  Needless to say, my hopes are high that Mortal Kombat: Legacy can do what the films couldn’t.  Who knows, if this internet show turns out to be successful, maybe the studios will give another feature length movie a chance.

Unlike the rest of the fanbase, I really wasn’t overly impressed with the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth short film that came out last year (you know, the one that got this web-series into production).  It was okay, but the realistic setting didn’t sit well with me.  Fortunately the new series doesn’t follow the set-up Rebirth had, and instead will be embracing the more fantastical elements of the story.

I have to say, that I’m not entirely satisfied with this clip either.  Something about it feels…off.  It’s really hard to describe.  The pacing just seems to be wonky, and I’m pretty sure it’s the music that’s the problem.  It’s not fitting the scene at all, and generally just feels like they laid it on top of everything else (all the sound effects seem too muted).  I’m hoping it’s just music they threw in for the clip, and in the context of the whole show, will be a lot better.

I’m still hoping this web-series can pull it off, but my hopes are a little lower after watching this clip.