[Updated in Hi-Res] First Picture of Chris Evans in Full Cap Garb

Captain America

This Friday’s issue of Entertainment Weekly is showing off Chris Evans as Cap in all of his Nazi-smearing glory, and we found you an early scan! Seems like they’re sticking pretty closely to Bryan Hitch’s Cap design from his run with Mark Millar on The Ultimates.

The primary distinction between this two is, of course, the feathers on the helmet. While this picture seems to show feathers that are painted on (as opposed to the feathers that actually stick out of the helmet like we see in most mainstream Marvel comics), Hitch’s Cap helmet was adorned only with straps. In previous interviews, director Joe Johnston told us that the feathers would be used in the movie as part of the military’s promotion of the Super Soldier program to endear Cap to the public. He said they wouldn’t really be a part of the main costume. Yet, there they are.

I think the suit looks great – it’s got just enough leather and pouches to make it look utilitarian, but it also retains the bright colors the comics have always portrayed. Cap’s supposed to be a shining, colorful anachronism; a brightly-clad force of the American way barreling through foes of freedom. To me, this suit says all of that.

What’s up with those dudes in the background though?