First poster for ‘The Social Network’ is a missed opportunity

Perhaps I’m being too harsh, here.  However, if you’re making a movie that deals with tech-savvy computer programmers you should at least be able to design a good looking poster.  Instead we get what looks like a kid got a hold of Photoshop and did whatever he felt like. 

Since the movie is about the founders of Facebook one would think it would be a more simplistic design, maybe something that resembled a Facebook page, or their layout/color scheme.  Nope, forget all of that, that would have made too much sense. 

What we get instead is the image of Jesse Eisenberg’s face covered with writing (which makes the poster feel incredibly cluttered and more like a book), and a web browser bar on the right side.  Wait a minute.  What the hell is the browser bar doing on the right side?  Just glance at your computer now and you’ll instantly know, that this is wrong. 

Overall it feels like they could have done so much more with this, but they really just dropped the ball on it.  Hopefully the movie doesn’t play out the same way.  I guess we’ll find out come October 1st, 2010.