First Trailer for Annabelle Sets the Stage for One Creepy Doll

I’ve never been a big fan of horror movies (comes from being a chicken), but when I saw The Conjuring I was fairly impressed with what they did (even though the ending was a little too generic).  Some of it’s basis in ‘real’ life provided an interesting backdrop, especially where Annabelle was concerned.  For the most part, the doll didn’t do much in the film, and it certainly wasn’t the focus.  Despite that, however, fans instantly latched on to it.  So of course this meant WB had to make a movie about it: 

The trailer isn’t bad, but it feels more like it’s a set-up for the rest of the film.  This feels like I just watched the first couple minutes of the movie and how the doll initially became possessed.  As such, I’m just trying to figure out what the rest of the damn film is going to be about.  The real life Annabelle is based on a case investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren.  We saw parts of this in The Conjuring, where a college student was being harrassed by a demon utilizing the doll.  I’m not sure if that’s the story they plan on telling with this film, or if they’re forging an all new story completely. 

All I know is that the doll is still really freaking creepy and I’m struggling to figure out why anyone would want to put this thing in their house; possessed or not!  It’s kind of funny considering the real doll this is based on, looks nothing like it.  It’s a simple raggedy-Ann type thing, but of course that wouldn’t inspire the same fear in the movie that the filmmakers are looking for.  


Annabelle is hitting theaters on October 3, 2014.  Are you going to be checking this one out?