First Trailer for Roman Polanski’s Carnage—Wanna Watch Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz, John C. Reilly, and Jodie Foster Lose Their Collective S**t on Screen?

People love seeing actors go crazy on screen.  From Black Swan to Shutter Island, seeing someone mentally degrade is an experience like no other.  Especially when its due to an issue so close to home.  Roman Polanski’s new film, Carnage, is exactly about that; seeing a group of actors we know and love fight for two hours as all four of them begin to lose their collective shit.  They’re not going crazy, but they’re certainly losing the shreds of decency and civility towards each other that they had.  And all because their sons got in a fight.  Most of the time, watching people argue isn’t very fun.  But with a trailer like this, I can’t help but be interested.  I hope the final film works just as well as this two minute snippet.

The trailer:

Plot Synopsis:

Two couples converge one afternoon to discuss a recent fight between there two children.  Hoping to resolve the conflict, the couples instead delve into hurling insults and curses at each other as they try their best to settle there differences.  This is easier said then done, however, and things between the couples quickly escalate.

Carnage opens November 18 in NY and LA.

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