First trailer for Rourke’s and Fox’s eccentric ‘Passion Play’ leaves a horrible taste

Passion Play originally made its debut at the Toronto Film Festival last fall, leaving some viewers in quite an array of confusion. Starring Mickey Rourke, Bill Murray, Rhys Ifans and unfortunately Megan Fox, it houses some decent actors (with the exception of Fox). Fox plays an angel suffering under the means of a horrendous gangster but a trumpet player comes to save the day.

Passion Play isn’t going to leave an impressionable memory. No matter how many times I replay the trailer, I am still in a foggy haze as to what the point of the movie is? I have always enjoyed Murray in funny roles. Rourke is outstanding as a supporting actor. He is harder to follow as the leading man. I always seem to lose interest. Curious to see how this film fares in theaters (May 6) before its DVD release on May 31.

Maybe I’m in an off-mood, but the trailer (and movie idea) seems to leave audiences in the lurch. It thoroughly confuses with its lack of direction. What are your thoughts on the trailer?