First Trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

If you’re unaware of the Miles Morales character I’d like for you to visit your local comics shop and pick up some trade paperbacks. Miles came on to the scene with some controversy but through good writing and character building he has shown why he deserves to be part of the Spider family. So now after multiple action figure, cartoon appearances, and multiple comic stories Miles will be helming the newest Sony Animation film.



This is going to be an adaptation of the comic Into the Spider-Verse which brought Miles from the Ultimate Universe to the standard Marvel one. A universe where the original Peter Parker had died and Miles took up his mantle. But entering our universe he finds that he’s not alone as an adult Peter Parker does exist and takes Miles under his wing. Miles and Peter in the standard Marvel Universe is one of my favorite things. They banter and treat each other like brothers I highly recommend picking up one of their arcs together. Shameik Moore (The Get Down) will be providing the voice of Miles, Mahershala Ali (Hidden Figures) will be playing Aaron Davis/ The Prowler, and Liev Schreiber will be playing a yet to be revealed role. Look for Spider-Man: Into the Multiverse December 14th, 2018.

-Jason The X

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