WB President Talks Darker Green Lantern 2, The Flash Script, and Justice League Movie

Green Lantern got a lot of mixed feelings (even among us here at TMP). To me and many people it felt as though they did the comics justice and we really enjoyed the movie on a certain level. To others it was a complete disgrace. Meanwhile it had a decent opening weekend (nearly 10 million away from Captain America), but was still considered a huge failure. In reality perhaps the odds were simply against the film.

Green Lantern

This isn’t stopping WB though. “We had a decent opening so we learned there is an audience,” said Warner Bros. film group President Jeff Robinov, pointing to the film’s box office debut of $53 million. “To go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action…. And we have to find a way to balance the time the movie spends in space versus on Earth.”

Darker? Really? Why does every superhero need to be Batman these days? We don’t need darker, we just need better, its simple as that. Look at how angry Spider-Man fans are getting when the idea of that movie being dark get. Look at how nobody wanted and still don’t want Superman to be dark. Don’t do the same to Green Lantern!

The Flash

They also noted that they weren’t happy with the work of the current Green Lantern director, Martin Campbell. Since Campbell has already said he doesn’t want to do a sequel, the studios are likely on the hunt for someone new to helm the film. What about the script for the movie? Well WB has a full outline, but Robinov stated they could possibly scrap it and redo everything. That’s another scary thought for you huh? Personally I thought Green Lantern was going in the right direction. There was a decent balance of him in space and on Earth, but WB wants to balance it even more. To me I’m hoping that means more Green Lantern Corp. will have screen time, and he will explore more in space, and not Earth.

Robinov also went on to note they have a solid script for Flash and plan to go ahead with that. Rumors have it set for a 2013 release date, right next to Superman and if you are wondering, Justice League was indeed brought up and once again Robinov is stating that they are highly interested in the idea. With Marvel’s Avengers sure to be making bank, who wouldn’t be? Perhaps they will read one of my articles and get an idea from it? Fingers crossed!