Fox Adds 2 New Marvel Films in 2017 and 2018

With little to no details on what these projects exactly are HeroicHollywood is reporting that 20th Century Fox has added 2 new untiled Marvel films to thier upcoming slate. October 6th 2017, and January 12th 2018. The smart money says that the first date in 2017 will be the new release date for their already announced Gambit solo film. However that is already on their slate, so perhaps this is a new film. But then again Gambit was set to release this October, perhaps they feel they want to keep it in October.

The other date, set for January 12th 2018 is more than likely the sequel to the insanely successful Deadpool. My guess is that Fox ruled this year’s February, and want to make January an acceptable spot for film. However that puts it in the path of Star Wars Episode VIII. Not a spot any old film could take, but perhaps the merc with a mouth is up for the challenge. Especially is he is bringing along his good buddy Cable.

So what is that first film if not Gambit? Could it be the rumored Josh Boone’s New Mutants? Or a 3rd outing for Bryan Singer and his X-Men? Maybe they want to get X-Force fast tracked? Sound off in the comments below with your predictions for what 20th Century Fox and Marvel have in store for us.