FOX Gives All 4 Avatar Sequels Release Dates, For Reals This Time

I’ve been reporting on Avatar 2 release dates virtually since the creation of this website (back when we originally called ourselves TheMoviePool)…so it’s been a long and winding road.  Hell, just last April, almost exactly a year ago, Fox made a similar announcement where they gave us release dates out to 2023, along with the announcement of a 5th film.  In the time since then progress seems to have actually been made, with filming set to begin on Avatar 2 this Summer.  

While things are moving forward, it’s not moving quick enough, so Fox has set all NEW release dates for movie-goers to mark on their calendars (I’d probably do it in pencil, just in case: 

Avatar 2: December 18, 2020

Avatar 3: December 17, 2021

Avatar 4: December 20, 2024

Avatar 5: December 19, 2025

The news this morning comes from the official Avatar Facebook Page.  You’ll notice there’s a gap between the first two sequels and the last.  While production will be going simultaneously between all of them, they’ll be in various stages throughout the years.  As such, that gap will give them any time needed to change things up and adjust before the final films launch.  

It’s easy to be cynical about these dates, after all Avatar 2 was originally going to arrive in 2014 at one point.  Even so, with production actually getting underway, and filming set to begin later this Summer, I’m more willing to bet on these dates sticking around this time.  I’m really curious to see how this is going to play out with Disney seeming to like December for their Star Wars movies.  

While Han Solo is sticking to a May release slot, Disney seems set to keep the Saga films (at least) in December.  While they haven’t formally announced anything beyond Episode IX in 2019, more Star Wars movies ARE coming.  Will they keep December and dare Fox to flinch?  Guess we’ll have to see.  For now, we have release dates Fox seems keen to stick to for Avatar.  Are you looking forward to them?